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Sometimes I’m just so busy to update!!

Anyway…. I was about to sit down to study for my GRE’s and… the power went out for hours.  It’s now 8:30 and I want to sleep, I don’t exactly have the energy to study!!

So today was move-in day for the junior and senior school.  Remember that feeling that you get when you move in at college?  Or that feeling getting ready for the first day of school?  Or…. that feeling of every new class… seeing what new students are in the class?  Well, it’s the exact same feeling when your a teacher.  I guess if your not a teacher, those feelings stop after college… but being a teacher, you get those feelings every year.

Currently the renovation of the music room at junior school is in limbo… so I’m not really sure where I will teach my lessons.  I’m thinking I take a short 2 weeks from teaching at junior school, and then just teach two lessons a week for a few to catch up.  Other than that stuff is good, being in a school is so fun… I really think they should make reality shows about teachers.  The funny stuff that teachers do and talk about in the faculty room is worth putting on TV.

O…. our trip to Naro Moru was sweet!   Team building is awesome!  At first I doubted the guy conducting the seminar, but at the end I had a lot of respect for him and it was really good to go on a mini retreat with the teachers.  Especially for me, being a teacher that has only been here for 6 months, and that I teach at 2 schools.  It was great to get to know the teachers on a personal level, and all of us really enjoyed it. 

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