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All I want is a routine.

So things have been a little stressful lately…  The music room isn’t done at the junior school, so we will wait until it’s done to teach the lessons there.  Well…thats not very stressful actually.

I’m working on getting my roster for junior and senior school, and I think we should have that done tomorrow.  I think I’ll only accept a certain amount of students, I’m “weeding” out the students that don’t practice and that just take music to take music.  I mean… I know one kid takes music because the two girls he likes takes music… he’s a good kid, and wants to learn cello, but I have to tell him I can’t take him.  Maybe if he starts practicing!!!  We can put him in next term.  

The general feel of senior school is great, sure I miss the Form 4s that graduated A LOT, but that’s how teaching goes, every year a class leaves.

I have this GRE test coming up on Thursday, and I am not looking forward to it.  I probably should have scheduled it much later, and really studied for it, but I’ll take it, and talk to the admissions at Miami.  Hopefully everything else outweighs my score, and they can cut me a break or let me retake it in a few months.. who knows.  I mean.. they take really dumb football players in ivy league schools.  Although, I would be entering the world of academia again.  Who knows.. the dialogue between the professors have been good.  I have spoken to the head of music education, the Dean, and the head of Graduate Admissions, and they have all said good things.

I’m just eager to get back into a routine, and get back to teaching.  I’m going to limit my numbers big time, so that I can focus more on quality.  At first I thought the best thing would be to increase numbers, but it just can’t work here, based on the facilities and resources.  I’ll cut the numbers, and get these kids playing real well.

More to come.

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