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Mvt III.

Oh boy.  These days I forget I have a blog.

From the last post, countless things have happened to me, I can’t even remember them all.  I guess that’s why I should keep my blog more serious like I used to!

Here are just a few things:  Went to Uganda, went to Lamu, bungee jumped over the nile river, white water rafted, slept in a rat infested room, flew in a private plane from a school, got a new job as a head of music at Nairobi Academy, met Rachel Nesvig (the next teacher in the line at MKA Strings), have a new apartment in Karen, played with Riccardo Muti and met him, was in the newspaper and on television, performed the Handel Halvorsen Passacaglia with Rachel in Nairobi, and probably a million more awesome things that I am forgetting.  

Anyway…. I was meant to come home June 6th, but I figured I would extend my stay until August 17th, and it worked out well, because I’ll be moving to Karen in September.  I will start teaching at Nairobi Academy September 12!  They have sweet squash courts, a great music room, and I have a great apartment!  I will try to bring my cello over in September too.

I have a lot of mixed emotions now that the strings program at MKA is out of my hands.  I am extremely pleased with it, I think it has improved since I got here, and that’s all I set out to do.  I wanted to inspire the kids, have a great relationship with them, try out new things as a beginning teacher, and now that I am wrapping up my year and few months… it feels as though I have been teaching for some time now!  The program is in great hands, and the kids are responding great to our new teacher and my new friend Rachel Nesvig.  The extra long layover period that we had here was fantastic, and very good for her.  It’s the longest layover period in MKA strings history but I hope that with every year our program gets better and better.  I think in the coming days I will try to write more about the program and my feelings for it.  In one year I have become so connected to these kids, country, school and everything else.  People say Kenya is addicting… and it is that and much more.  I absolutely treasure these kids.  From standard 1 to Form 4, they’re more than students to me.  A teacher once told me when I go into the teaching world, don’t be their friends, just be friendly….. but when you move to a different country not knowing anyone, and it is a boarding school…. the 1st graders become your best friends =0  Even if your day is awful, teaching is going badly, knowing that these kids smile when they see is win win situation for everyone.  If you ever need a breath of fresh air, these kids will help you out.  

SIDE NOTE.  Uganda is a crazy place.  I was tear gassed, road motorcycles everywhere, slept in a room with rats, bungee jumped…. to name a few.

So the end is coming.  Gillian Clements who started the program will come this weekend, and our school term ends this month.  I am just as sad as the students here, but I’ll be back!  I’ll come to visit since I’ll only be about 3 hours away from MKA.  I can never forget MKA…. it was one of my first teaching experiences and one of the most important I am sure.  I’ll post a bunch of pictures of what has been happening… and one of these days when I am home in New York I can post a lot more.  I just have thousands of pictures…..!!!

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